1. Praise the Lord
2. Hey Girl
3. Start of the Story
4. You and Me (Pt. 1)
5. Watching the Carpet Grow
1. Wild Blue Ocean
2. Choose Between the Two
3. The Siren's Song
4. Rubies
5. Shadows
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Album: That's a Good Question
Recorded: 1991
at Vibrafeel Studios, Inala, Queensland
David Kelsey: Vocals
Dave Elms: Guitars
Jenni Kelsey: Keyboards
Rudi Prudon: Bass
Fred Waters: Drums

Additional Performers:
The Muppett Chorus: Backing Vocals
Jennifer Barrett: Additional Dialog
Well I see you standing there
In your Ivory Tower
And tell me when the Lord
Gave you all of this power
And who are you to choose
Between Blessed and sin
And when did you decide
You could talk for Him

Well, I looked to you
To lead me to Salvation
But all I hear
Is fear and damnation
You say "Follow this Path"
Or face divine retribution
Praise the Lord
And where's your contribution

Praise the Lord
Oh, Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord, and
Give your contribution

You tell me all the answers
Are here in this Book
And if I've seen the Light
All I gotta do is look
But as I turn the page
I get a different view
And from where I stand
The Way ain't with you

‘Cos I looked to you
To lead me to Salvation
But your rhetoric
Is full of contradiction
Do you make it up?
To confuse the congregation
Praise the Lord
And where's your contribution

Praise the Lord
Oh, Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord, and
Give your contribution

Lyrics: David Kelsey
Music: Good Question
Arranged: Good Question
Copyright: D'Kade Songs
A Bit of Trivia
In a lot of ways, the basis for this song was as a negative reaction against the religious beliefs of DK's (then) wife.

What it turned out to be was a tirade against TV evangelism and all that it entails.

The intro dialog came from one such show, but the dialog at the end has an amusing tale to it.

The girl who does the speaking, Jennifer Barrett, is a friend who was born in the USA and, at the time, worked as a flight attendant for Ansett.

It happened that she had a stopover in Brisbane one Saturday evening, so DK took the recording gear to her room in the Hilton Hotel to get her to record her part.

Jennifer was very self conscious, however, and wasn't able to speak with other people watching. Eventually, she hid in the closet with a torch and a microphone and the moment was eventually captured!

When considering the nature of the lyrics, it's quite surprising that JK was willing enough to sing the backing vocals, given her spiritual beliefs, but we are highly appreciative that she did.
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