1. Praise the Lord
2. Hey Girl
3. Start of the Story
4. You and Me (Pt. 1)
5. Watching the Carpet Grow
1. Wild Blue Ocean
2. Choose Between the Two
3. The Siren's Song
4. Rubies
5. Shadows
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Album: Faces in the Crowd
Recorded: 1995
at Vibrafeel Studios, Inala, Queensland
David Kelsey: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dave Elms: Guitars
Steve Norris: Bass
Fred Waters: Drums

Additional Performers:
Warren Mitchell: Guitar
She was young, only 21
Needed to go out and have some fun
Fell in love when she was just a kid
Stayed with him is what she did

Then one day not long ago
Well how was she supposed to know
She'd fall in love with another man
And that wasn't part of her life's plan

Choose between the two, it's what you gotta do
I have these feelings for you, but now it's up to you

They were in the same group at work
And to always see him really hurt
What was she supposed to do
Those feelings for him were sticking like glue

They saw each other every day
But there was never really much to say
It's funny but he didn't know
How much she really wanted him so

Choose between the two, it's what you gotta do
I have these feelings for you, but now it's up to you

Then one day things came to pass
While he was off his face and on his his ass
She leant over and kissed his face
Then she ran off feeling quite disgraced

It's all fixed up, I suppose you'd say
She's made her mind up, the wrong way
Loving both can mess your mind up
But playing around can cause a break up

Choose between the two, it's what you gotta do I have these feelings for you, but now it's up to you
Music and Lyrics: Warren Mitchell
Music: Warren Mitchell
Arranged: Good Question/Warren Mitchell
Copyright: Warren Mitchell
A Bit of Trivia
Warren Mitchell wrote both the words and music for this song and we agreed to record it as a way of paying him for helping us with the keyboards on the album.

Unfortunately Warren didn't feel he had a good enough voice to sing the vocals, and so DK sang the song, although he didn't consider his voice isn't really that well suited to the style of music.

As a way of adding some depth to the vocals, you can hear a second - deeper - vocal track in an attempt to "thicken" the sound.

Unfortunately, we lost track of Warren over the years and he still hasn't heard the final result.
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