1. Praise the Lord
2. Hey Girl
3. Start of the Story
4. You and Me (Pt. 1)
5. Watching the Carpet Grow
1. Wild Blue Ocean
2. Choose Between the Two
3. The Siren's Song
4. Rubies
5. Shadows
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Album: Faces in the Crowd
Recorded: 1994
at Vibrafeel Studios, Inala, Queensland
David Kelsey: Vocals, Keyboards
Dave Elms: Guitars
Steve Norris: Bass
Fred Waters: Drums

Additional Performers:
Warren Mitchell: Keyboards
The Siren's Song waits for the endless day
Ah, break my way, I feel a timeless energy
An earthly tear breaks through the hollow waves
You thrill my eyes, I'd like to be your serenity

Watching every light fade
When two worlds collide
I will fall into your eternity
I will fall into you....

The Siren's Song lies through a distant haze
The Calling of voices through her serenade
Sounds like every mood is a magic mood
Her fatal arms reaching out to me
Won't you set me free?

Watching every light fade
When two worlds collide
I will fall into your eternity
I will fall into you....

The Siren's Song floats like the evening breeze
Surrendering, she's luring me to my destiny
Her temptations kissed, now I can't resist
Her fatal charms have now captured me
Never set me free

Watching as my life fades
When two worlds collide
I will fall into your eternity
I will fall into you....

Lyrics: David Kelsey/Jesse Parker
Music: Good Question/Jesse Parker
Arranged: Good Question/Jesse Parker
Copyright: D'Kade Songs
A Bit of Trivia
This was another of those songs that Jesse Parker helped to write. He came up with the first verse, which, at the time, seemed a meaningless jumble of words with no direction at all.

Again, after the practice session, DK sat down and worked out some more verses and added a little more focus to the story of the song, becoming the metaphorical tale of mermaids luring their prey to their deaths under the sea, with the victims willingly surrendering to the form of bliss that was transpiring.

In the studio, we played around with a lot of effects for the intro and ending, which eventually turned out to be similar to a Tangerine Dream song DK had heard many years before.

To the causal listener, there would probably not seem to be too much wrong with the tempo of the song, but if you listen a little more closely, you'll be able to tell that the beat becomes rather erratic at times.

There's a good reason for this!

This was the first song we recorded in the studio for the second CD, and didn't use a click track as a tempo marker. Consequently, the drummer, Fred, had a hard time maintaining the correct beat, meaning that it became a little slow in places and a little too fast in others.

When it came time to do the vocals, some of the words feel very rushed, mainly due to the speed of the tempo on occasions.

After we finished that track, we used a click track from then on!
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