1. Praise the Lord
2. Hey Girl
3. Start of the Story
4. You and Me (Pt. 1)
5. Watching the Carpet Grow
1. Wild Blue Ocean
2. Choose Between the Two
3. The Siren's Song
4. Rubies
5. Shadows
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Over the years, Good Question have had some of their songs hosted on various web sites around the place, such as mp3.com - sadly no longer hosting bands for free - and a few others.

One of the main sites that still hosts several of our songs is Garageband.com and one song in particular, Wild Blue Ocean, has received several awards, including:

Best Keyboards in Rock (week of 16 Jan 2006)
(which is a little strange, since there are no keyboards on the song!)
Best Lyrics in Rock (week of 16 Jan 2006)
Best Melody in Rock (week of 16 Jan 2006)
Most Original in Rock (week of 16 Jan 2006)

All of which is very pleasing and proves that it was worthwhile making the effort.

The song has also garnered some rather pleasing reviews, together with the criticism, of course.

A sample of the reviews are listed below, for those too lazy to click the link above and visit the site!
feel good
this has a nice relaxing feel. the sax track is nice the whole song has a great feel it is catchy i can see this in a movie track for sure.
-klavious from Canada on 15 Jan 2006
oooo, Nice one
Horns, I like em, good effort. bring up the singer 2 notches, he sounds worth hearing. The vocal production is nice just the volume. Drums could stand out a bit more. I think there is potential with this song. The blending of instruments is well done, complimentry, good job..
-newcountryhit from Chattanooga, Tennessee on 15 Jan 2006
Sounds great
The guitar is god, I like the effect on it, its on the tip of my tounge, but i cant remember what it was. But, the guitar sounds great... The lyrics are ok, I cant really focus on them, I'm just listen to the vocals, and I'm happy to see a band that actually is using there voice, its great to see more then one note in the vocals.
- funknotized from Canada on 15 Jan 2006
Great saxophone work, it adds a certain mood and an extra ingredient that brings this song all together. The vocals are very fitting for this song, soft, melodic, yet captivating. The production is good, everything is in the mix, with the vocals over the top and of course the saxophone at a perfect level in the mix. This song is well performed, well written and well just....amazing. Great Song full of feel and mood. Good Luck
- 132Reasons from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on 15 Jan 2006
well balanced
First thought - David Bowie. original in style and instrumentation. Dig the lyrics, the message it sends and the way they fit with the singer's voice. This is extrememly cool. Great arrangement, especially with the texture the sax adds to the guitar tone. it is balanced well and the song structure never gets dull. Like the bridge a lot, maybe a little less sax in the bridge. Overall prodution is good and the mix is pretty much on the money. Like the chorus and delay on the guitar track, it fits well - reminds me of The Cure. You guys are very original and a lot to offer....great job!
- agkgtr from San Antonio, Texas on 11 Jan 2006
Finally-some hot sax!!
Wow- I was just listening to some Springsteen, wondering where the rock saxes went. The instruments work well together, nice production, vocals require a little more presence. The drum work was nice, not overdoing it or holding back. Kind of reminds me of the late 70's-early 80's sound, heartfelt and flouting the radio-friendly 3 minute rule. Nice job!
- laribee from Unspecified on 8 Jan 2006
Very well made top 40 song
This song has such a great mood to it. I love the incorporation of the saxophone in the song. Really sets the mood. The vocals are real good and dynamic. I can definately hear this song being played on top 40 radio stations or being used in a movie soundtrack. In some ways this song reminds me of the band "The Police". I really like it and hope that you guys get heard a lot more.
- Deadly7th from Jackson, Mississippi on 30 Dec 2005
This cut has great production, everything is nice and clear with no mud. I really dig the horns, they flesh out the rhythm nicely. The vocals are top notch, this guy has a great voice. The song has good structure, flows well, and has a good feel. nice stuff for evening listening.
- digginit from Unspecified on 29 Dec 2005
Sounds like something I'd hear while driving across the heartland of America. Good driving music.
- TRICKSHOT from Denver, Colorado on 28 Dec 2005
sounds pro
This is a decent mellow rock song. the recording is way above average for gb. I really like the sax. not bad
- DrJest from Chicago, Illinois on 19 Dec 2005
Sweet Melody
I love the feel and the mood of this song. The sax works great in this. The production and the way the song is presented are very professional, although I thought the vocals needed to be a wee bit louder in the mix. Otherwise very very good.
- cryingbackwards from Reisterstown, Maryland on 13 Dec 2005
Slick Production
Nice intro. Good momentum. The sax was a nice surprise. Production seems very professional and slick.
- heardthatone from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 31 Dec 2005
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